Savannah's story

Savannah is a bold and beautiful 25 year old plus size model, who is so photogenic, she should be internationally famous. She is the definition of 21st century hipster chick/chic but is also a chameleon. She was a bit lost in an Age 25 Crisis (well-known crisis point for most people) when I met her.

The photos Savannah supplied included her favourite makeup (tools of her trade); her most relaxed dressing gown and favourite hat. Knowing that there's far more to Savannah than that, I asked to include some of her colourful and eclectic clothing as well.

Due to her chameleon nature, one portrait of Savannah wasn't enough. I put her on the front cover of an art magazine because she has inspired so many artists. She also belongs in and on the cover of a hipster fashion magazine, so the second portrait represents this.

PS: Since the painting was completed, Savannah has found true love, moved to her spiritual home in Melbourne’s hipster inner city and is regarded as something of a plus size icon on Instagram, with thousands of followers.