Lu's Story

Lu is about to turn 50 and is the mother of 3 teenagers. She trained as a psych nurse but her true calling is much more esoteric. She is a healer, visionary and powerful medium. Her alternative views are certainly not a fit with the mainstream. When she asked me to do a Possession painting for her, I was apprehensive, as her philosophy and mine are diametrically opposite. The challenge for me was to ‘walk a mile in Lu’s shoes’ when I started painting because I was scared I wouldn't do her justice.

The photos Lu sent me reflect her love of collecting beautiful antiques that seem to carry their story with them. Her collections reflect her deep connection to the metaphysical world, so the particular Tarot cards became very important as did the crystals. Her family life is also dominated by her cats, as anyone who owns a cat will understand. Hence the very happy cat parked centrally in the painting demanding attention.

I placed Lu’s portrait on the cover of the biography she should have written about her. I aimed to capture something of the spiritual aura she exudes.

At the time Lu asked me to do her painting, she was at a crossroads personally and professionally, having lost her confidence. Since the painting was completed, both Lu and her husband, Michael, have moved into a more settled phase, as their domestic life, work life and spiritual life have found balance. As it turned out, I really enjoyed the challenge of this painting!