Our Story

Occasionally I have time to complete a painting that is pure self indulgence. The Possession painting of my family is just that. It also represented a chance to do a painting about a family unit rather than an individual.

We are a small family unit and 2015 was a year of incredible upheaval for all of us. I needed to capture the moment, knowing that change in the family dynamics would happen by the end of the year and that this moment in time was going to be very brief.

Living in the same home, I didn't need photos to work from. I asked my husband and son to give me the objects that they felt most defined them and then set about choosing my own stuff, with no intention of doing anything other than completing a painting that looked like the floor of our lounge room on a bad day (ie) chaos.

As a trainee doctor, my son threw in a few medical references but also included the TRex he has had since childhood, his favourite Playstation games, books that reflect his beliefs and old runners (The only time I thought smell-paint might be a useful invention). The mess of clothing was my choice.